Pharmaceutical Industry with packaging solutions

Globalization of world trade has thrown up many new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. With increasing competition, cost pressures, ever growing product diversity, the need for smaller batch runs and with it attractive packaging presentations have become the 'mantra' for success of the brand in the marketplace. The supply chain of the industry is therefore in an urgent need to be highly responsive, making flexibility the overriding attribute of all.

Why Us ?

It has been a great experience & pleasure over the past 19 years understanding our customer's needs and supplying quality products to our esteemed customers. Ore Company diversified into producing Change parts for Blister Packaging Machines since 2001, since then we have established good business contacts with a host of satisfied clients. It is our privilege today, to be trusted suppliers to many of the top bracket pharma companies in our country. We at Power Packaging Co. have continuously invested our efforts in bettering our quality and service that has led to total customer satisfaction. We have six design Engineers of very high calibre and all the parts are manufactured on CNC machines.